Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Votematch Launch

By Keith

Yoosk recently attended the launch of Votematch, a site designed to match you with the political party which is most closely aligned with your views.

Its a bit like the facebook apps which ask you a few questions and then tell you which country/old lady name/sexual position you are (Yoosk is Switzerland, Ethel and missionary btw - but I'll leave you to guess where we came out on votematch.)

50,000 people used the site during the London Mayoral elections and they are aiming for 5,000,000 users during upcoming elections Europe-wide. Its a great site and is doing its bit to get people involved in politics and make politics a bit more fun - objectives we share at Yoosk.

Also at the launch were James Evans and William Carey from Hustings, Tony Parsons fom Votewise and Andy Bookless from NetworkMe and it was interesting to share some ideas with them - we are all climbing the same hill - and it would be good if we could help each other along a little.

Some final thoughts for Votematch - now that I know which party's ideology I most closely match, will you be developing a tool which makes sure that the candidates follow their own party manifesto's? And will you be sharing stats on user numbers and which parties they have been advised to vote for?

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