Monday, 3 November 2008

Yoosk and FCO

Last week Yoosk ran an experiment with the FCO in which the FCO used Yoosk to gather questions from people in Wales. There were some interesting questions and David Miliband answered the top nine of them. You can see the answers here.

Stephen Hale, Head of Engagement, Digital Diplomacy gives the FCO thoughts on the experiment in his blog here.

For Yoosk it was an exciting challenge and we are proud to have given a voice to the ordinary person and enabled them to have a question put to, and answered by the Foreign Secretary.

We can't claim that it was a total success though as the response - in the number of questions - was disappointing - and some of our coverage on Welsh blogs was negative to say the least. Here I should hold my hands up and say that I am partly responsible as I did send out the same message to several bloggers asking them if they would like to offer their readers a chance to post a question - but lesson learned for me, it won't happen again! Miss Wagstaff was one person who didn't appreciate my email although if you read the comments you can see that she did soften a little..

So where do we go from here? We hope that we can continue giving Yoosk users the chance to put questions to the people in power - it's something which we passionately believe is both necessary and ultimately beneficial to all sides.